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Do you want to rediscover what your body has lost and move forwards?

This blog touches on the concept of what we think we know about our body and our movement and what the reality is. If you feel off centre, unbalanced or can't shake an ache or pain then this is a must read.

Old injuries manifest in different ways- that limp that felt so foreign when you sprained your ankle or after your ACL surgery... has it gone away? Or did you cleverly adapt and now it just feels normal so you don't notice it? 

Read on to discover how Neutrient Physiotherapy can help you.

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Today I have simply listed some 'WHAT IF' questions to get you thinking. I have put some suggestions to try underneath. Have a think, have a move- see what feels right and what feels foreign- tune into your movement, focus on what you are trying to achieve- can you do it?

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Don't be a crocodile: The importance of correct breathing.

This blog will provide an overview of the most common forms of biomechanical breathing dysfunctions, the signs to look for and the reasons why it is important to improve breathing function for musculoskeletal complaints.