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Do you want to rediscover what your body has lost and move forwards?

Would you like to rediscover things that you didn't know were lost IN YOUR BODY?

Do you feel off centre or unbalanced and can't shift that pain or injury?

Read on to discover how we can help and to learn more about our unique assessment and treatment methods.


Why we do what we do: We believe that everyone should have the chance to live pain free.

Human movement is a beautiful thing, however to maximise its potential we need this movement to be fluid, controlled, effortless and to have good body awareness.

Our goal is to find out what is missing in your movement and guide you towards re-establishing trust and control in your body, helping you move forwards and reach your goals. Whether it be pain, reoccurring injury or improving performance- we can help.


How we do what we do: We leave 'no bone unturned' (excuse the pun, but we thought it was humerus).

Neutrient offer a unique assessment and treatment experience like no other and will look at everything from your head to your toes. We assess MOVEMENT, POSTURE, GAIT and WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION, link it all together and use this information to find out what your body needs to get you back on track and doing what you love.


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Part of an assessment during an Initial AiM consultation

We will establish how you hold yourself at rest, which movements you can or cannot access, how you move and how you walk. 

We use cutting edge force plate technology to identify exactly how your mass is distributed as well as how it and your feet move during gait (walking).


 Capture40 percent


 Example of our force plate in action- 40% weight in the left heel.

CONTEXT: For a 100kg person that is 40kg of weight in their left heel- Maybe that explains why you have left heel pain!?


Our attention to detail is second to none- We challenge traditional assessment methods because we know that a thorough. accurate and all encompassing assessment takes time and dedication. For this reason, we encourage an initial two hour appointment, allowing us to give you the attention you and your body deserves.


What We Do: The Neutrient Process

This is the fun part. Through a series of consultations and targeted assessments, we will develop a strategy and personalised plan to return you your optimum mobility and performance. 

Trust us when we tell you that there is nothing quite like the feeling of rediscovering something that you thought was lost, or even better rediscovering something that you didn't even now was lost to begin with.

We will combine all the assessment findings and format them into specific micro-movements or whole body movements unique to you, your problems and goals. The initial focus will be discovering your restrictions  and helping YOU re-establish trust and confidence within your body.


IMG 2456 
An example of a whole body movement exploration.

In this example, we are encouraging weight to move into the right forefoot whilst facilitating correct foot mechanics- this being supination (arching) in the back foot and pronation (flattening of the front foot). Simultaneously encouraging  correct pelvis, rib cage, spine and skull positioning.


The black and green wedges assist in foot mechanics and proprioception (the awareness of what your body is doing in space) as well as providing a new environment and experience to your neural system. A small change in the joints of the foot can create profound changes above.

As your body adapts with time, we build in more and more body parts and begin working in all planes of movement to get the whole body working together as a unit.

Sound complicated? Don't worry, once your body feels the correct movement, with practice and dedication you will soon start to adopt these corrected movement patterns into your body as  normal.

 At Neutrient, you will always receive follow up email correspondence and video recordings of your exercises to assist you when you get home, as well as complimentary pair or rehabilitation wedges should you need them.


So, we ask you again, what do you believe about your body and what is the reality? Let us change those beliefs and feelings for the better.


Contact Neutrient Physiotherapy below now for help with your recovery, performance or day to day mobility. We'd love to hear from you.

Contact us at jonathan@neutrient.com.au, on 04984 473 325, visit www.neutrient.com.au to book online or call in to see us at 69 Grantham Street, Wembley, 6014 (Located inside Capstone Health)


Your body deserves the right Neutrients.

Breathe Better - Move Better - Feel Better

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