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I have spent 13 years developing my skills as a physiotherapist and continue to do so to ensure that you get the world class care you deserve.

The Skills and techniques I have learned over this time form the fundamentals of my evidence based treatment process.

I will use my knowledge of bio-mechanics, anatomy and neurology to treat all manner of conditions from head to toe. I will use world class hands on techniques as needed in adjunct with other assessments and treatments to ensure you get the treatment you need.

I am registered with the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).


Anatomy in Motion ™

If you can't FEEL what is going on how can you create change in your body? I will help guide you in learning to feel what is going on in your body.

Find out how everything can be linked and why the smallest of changes can make the biggest improvements to your pain and movement restriction.

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Anatomy in Motion ™ (AiM) is a pioneering assessment and treatment method that evaluates your body as a complete system, helping to identify the underlying causes of your pain or your problem- not just where you can feel it.

To do this, AiM uses the Flow Motion Model ™- a map of the moving human body and the journey your body takes through the gait cycle. The creator, Gary Ward identified that from the time the heel hits the ground and moves through the five key stages of walking ( a total time of 0.65-0.8 seconds) we can identify what every joint in the body is doing in all three dimensions at a particular time.

The FMM ™ is based on the concept that all parts of the body – joints, ligaments and muscles have the potential to work together as a solid unit. But the optimum function of this unit is dependent on all the parts being capable to do their job.
Injury, trauma, poor posture are all examples of things that may contribute to changing how you move or stop those parts from working as a team.

The map allows us to see what the body is actually doing and compare it with what it could be doing if these movement restrictions were not present. If the body adapts (eg stiffens) to protect an injured part, not only does it reduce the capability of the joints and muscles, it has to re-gain this movement from somewhere else. The map guides us to use specific whole body movements, encouraging you to feel safe from previous injuries whilst giving movement back to the affected areas.


I am the only physiotherapist to offer Anatomy in Motion in Perth


Neurokinetic Therapy ™

Find the True cause of your pain with Neurokinetic Therapy at Neutrient Physiotherapy in Wembley.

NeuroKinetic Therapy® 101 - Fix Dysfunctional Movement

Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) is an application of motor control theory, neuroscience and functional anatomy that will help you unravel the cause of faulty movement patterns in the brains motor control centre (MCC)


NKT identifies muscles imbalances by using unique protocols to determine which muscles are inhibited (under working) and which muscles are compensating (over working) for them. Once these are reset, you will be given specific treatment and corrective exercises techniques to restore proper movement patterns and re-programme the MCC.

Your body deserves the right Neutrients.

Breathe Better - Move Better - Feel Better

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